What is Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey September 08, 2022

Eucalyptus Marginat Flowers

What is Jarrah Honey?

Jarrah honey is honey made by bees using the nectar from the Jarrah tree. The Jarrah tree, also known as the Eucalyptus Marginata tree is from the myrtle family. It’s native to the remotest parts of Western Australia.

Jarrah honey is sourced from Eucalyptus Marginata, a large tree that has evolved to grow in the typically, semi-arid forest belt extending from east of Perth to the south coast of the state. Trees take about 100 years to reach full height of 40-50m, and live for about 450 years. They can live much longer (up to 1,000 years), but most fall due to bushfires burning through the trunk. Jarrah trees only produces flowers for a few months every two years.

It’s a natural healing honey that is highly prized – the Jarrah tree only has one flowering season, once every two years. All honey contains naturally occurring enzymes that give honey its antimicrobial properties. But Jarrah honey has one of the highest potencies of antimicrobial activity in the world.

Jarrah is one of the rarest and most unique medicinal honeys in the world. It has exceptional antimicrobial power that is effective against bacteria, fungal and viral infections.

Due to high fruticose to Sucrose ration Jarrah honey will never crystallise. It can be stored for long periods or have a long shelf life in markets where liquid honey is preferred.

Jarrah honey has a robust but smooth flavour that tappers to caramel tones. It does not have sickly sweet floral tones, or a bitter aftertaste. Jarrah is a dark honey, with a high concentration of powerful bioactive plant compounds called phytochemicals that act as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, minerals and more. Phytochemicals typically give a bitter aftertaste, but Jarrah honey has a uniquely smooth flavour owing to the unpleasant tones being balanced by the unique ratios of compounds.

Jarrah honey also has a strong prebiotic effect and low GI (suitable for diabetics).

This natural sweetener is a healthier alternative to sugar and is especially good if you find other honey too sweet. Consuming it regularly can reduce your chance of developing coughs, colds and stomach bugs.

Jarrah honey has quite rightly earned the moniker, liquid gold. Jarrah honey is multipurpose. Eat it with the spoon or mix with cereal, fruit or natural yogurt to gain the health benefits of the proven bioactive properties. Alternatively, mix it with a favourite beverage or warm tea. With magnificent taste and texture, this honey may promote vitality, good health and healing.

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