The Benefits of Jarrah Honey

Medicinal Benefits of Jarrah Honey September 08, 2022

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The Medicinal Benefits of Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey is One of the best honey producers in the world, Western Australia introduced another famous honey Jarrah honey. Jarrah honey is famous for its benefits to kill candida. Compared with Manuka honey, Jarrah honey provides a more delicious flavor of nectar and has some of the higher therapeutic properties.

What is a Jarrah tree?

The Jarrah tree comes from southwestern Western Australia. Jarrah tree has a height of up to 40 meters or equal to 130 feet with a trunk diameter of 3 meters or 9.8 feet. The Jarrah tree has rough-grained, grayish, vertical-grooved, strewn lids wrapped with long flat strips. Jarrah tree can live up to 1000 years.

Wood from this tree is often used for the manufacture of cabinets, floors, panels and outdoor furniture. This is because the wood from the Jarrah tree has a long and straight stem and is a wood that resistant to termites and has a beautiful color. The wood from the Jarrah tree is also valuable because it is very durable and waterproof, so it is often used as a structural material for bridges, piers, trains, shipbuilding and telegraph poles.

Jarrah honey is known as 100% pure natural honey because Jarrah honey is produced in areas considered to be free of pests, and free of chemical residues, antibiotic residues, and low microbial quantities. So, what are the health benefits of Jarrah honey?

1. Antimicrobial

The natural enzyme in Jarrah honey has antimicrobial activity. As you know the antimicrobial effects and healing of honey have been known for thousands of years, so is the Jarrah honey which is known for its benefits with low glucose levels but has high antimicrobial activity.

The growth of Golden Staph bacteria can be inhibited because of the level of hydrogen peroxide in Jarrah honey. Microorganisms also can not grow because water molecules react strongly with sugar in Jarrah honey. Bacteria that can cause infection will become dehydrated, so they will not last long in Jarrah honey. These properties make Jarrah honey believed to be a remarkable healing honey.

2. Treat wounds and burns

If you have wounds or burns, you can apply Jarrah honey directly to a topical wound or ulcer to help with the healing. Apply honey to the wound and keep it dry. Wait until the next day to see Jarrah’s healing ability. Applying honey Jarrah raw every day is useful to remove burns (including sunburn).

3. Good for diabetics

Jarrah honey is one of the Diabetes Treatments With Natural Sources . Instead of other honey, Jarrah honey has a lower glucose but with high fructose, so this honey can be consumed by you who suffer from diabetes. Of course, with doctor’s advice. High levels of fructose in Jarrah honey make this honey crystallize longer than other honey that has higher glucose.

4. Useful for horses

For those of you who have horses, Jarrah honey also has benefits for your horse. Jarrah honey is best known for its benefits for horses with sand colic that can cause severe illness and even death. Jarrah honey helps to remove the sand through the intestines naturally. You can mix this honey Jarrah in horse food. The use of honey Jarrah in overcoming this problem well-known works better than with psyllium treatment.

5. Anti-aging

Honey Jarrah also has a higher antioxidant content than Manuka honey. Antioxidants in honey Jarrah supports the renewal of active skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, a protein for wrinkles cracking, collagen building and fight acne. Look more about Health Benefits of Honey for Skin . Based on research, foods containing antioxidants can help fight free radicals. Eat 1 tablespoon of Jarrah honey in the morning to boost your daily antioxidants. You should know the Benefits of Honey On An Empty Stomach . To fulfill your daily antioxidant needs, you can drink warm water mixed with a spoon of Jarrah honey.

6. Fructose and Glucose

Jarrah honey has 52% fructose, 22% glucose, and 0.3% sucrose. Research has proven that consuming Jarrah honey can help burn fat while you sleep and increase your stamina. Jarrah honey has a low glucose content. Of course, there are some Health Benefits of Glucose . Eating with low glycemic is known to reduce the insulin response in the body and to improve blood cholesterol levels, which is very important as you get older.

7. Benefits to the stomach

One of the health benefits of Jarrah honey is to maintain stomach health. Butyat acid content and the high number of pre-biotics and probiotics found in Jarrah honey can reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, Jarrah honey is also beneficial for those of you who are experiencing heartburn. Jarrah honey also helps against stomach bacteria that is Helicobacter pylori which causes the ulcer and bad breath.

8. Benefits for the throat

If you gargle with Jarrah honey, this way can help relieve a sore throat. If you have an oral ulcer that usually occurs after chemotherapy and can be very painful and uncomfortable, wipe a teaspoon of Jarrah honey around the mouth and let stand as long as possible for the healing process.

9. Another health benefits of Jarrah honey :

· Jarrah honey has an influence on the rapid growth of roots so that it helps effective propagation. You should dip the stem of the plant in Jarrah honey.

· Jarrah honey can overcome bee sting by applying honey Jarrah on the part that stung by the bee.

Don’t forget to try this one of honey, Jarrah honey and you will never regret it!





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